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  • Myth buster!! What does Sodium Laureth Sulphate do?

    You probably did not know but Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES) is a very strong detergent that is commonly used to clean the forecourts of garages and engines of cars!  It is found in shampoo, bubble bath, shower gel, liquid soap and even toothpaste!  It is what causes the BUBBLES.
    As a de-greaser you can imagine how it can badly irritate sensitive skin, and strip away your natural oils to cause dryness and cracked skin. 

    The alternative is to use bio-degradable coconut or almond derived cleansing agents which are great cleansers, gentle on the skin and on the environment. They do not bubble anything like as much, but the downside is that they are more expensive which is why natural products cost more. However the upside is you do not need to use so much and so they last much much longer and save you money in the long run.

  • Product Focus: All-in-One Moisturising Facial Rescue

    Our All-in-One Moisturing Facial Rescue helps regenerate, hydrate, plump, reduce wrinkes, add radiance, revitalise and lift. It has long been one of our best sellers and our customers tell us it gives their skin a new luminosity. It is ultra-rich in anti-oxidants and olive emollients. 

    Key ingredients: Wild Sea Fennel, Anise and Maca Root extracts work together with Avocado, Sweet Almond and Evening Primrose to give it a smooth, silky, serum-style formula. We take a look below in a little more detail at these star ingredients.


    A non-aggressive alternative to 'Botox' in expression lines. It has been shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

    Anise is an aromatic herb native to the Mediterranean area. The extract is made from tincture from star anise or anise. It is also well known for a strong licorice flavour, which comes from its seeds and is used for cooking and baking.


    A highly effective sea algae proven to regenerate cells. It is rich in minerals and vitamins A, C and E. This gives it much documented anti-oxidant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.


    A stimulating extract produced by using a special bio-enzymatic process that has been shown to reduce wrinkles and improve skin's radiance and luminosity.

    Native to the Andes of Peru and Bolivia, it is used as a root vegetable as well as a medicinal herb. It has been an extremely important part of South American culture and during Spanish colonisation was even used as currency.

  • Ideal Gifts for Men

    Christmas is really creeping up now and many people are wondering what to buy those difficult men in your lives. There are a growing number of men starting to use our products, particularly the all-in-one products. So we thought we'd suggest a couple which would make perfect gifts.


    This is truely the ultimate all-in-one! Perfect for simpliflying your shower routine and particularly good for active guys who just don't want to spend the time pampering themselves. Without them even knowing they will be cleansing their skin, hair and scalp. Don't be surprised if they love the moisturising effect and ask for more next year.



    As featured in our Winter Skincare Essentials, this subtle moisturiser is ideal for men who love the outdoors. Whether it be playing football or rugby on a cold winter's evening or hiking across windy hillsides, the Orange Skin Food is an easy way for them to stop their skin getting dry and irritated. 


    " Watch out, there's a thief about." Many of our lady customers were finding that their Body Balm was going down faster than usual...hmmm.  The culprits turned out to be their husbands!
    We now have several husbands ordering their own bottle of Revitalising Body Balm and using it as an AFTER-SHAVE Balm. It cools and soothes recently shaved chins, and moisturises without being sticky, All in One - the perfect solution.


  • Top Beauty Blogs

    Since we launched the new website and started our own blog we've been reading other blogs for inspiration. We'd like to give you the lowdown on our favourite blogs so far:

    The Beauty Shortlist
    Featured in the 2012 Natural Beauty Yearbook's "Best of Bloggers'. This is a fantastic review site, especially if you're looking for gifts for Christmas at the moment.

    Perfectly Polished
    Founded in 2009, this brilliant blog features reviews, giveaways and the latest news from world of beauty and fashion.

  • Winter Skincare Essentials

    Hopefully we will have a mild Autumn, but when the cold snap finally begins, the heating goes on and it's time re-look at our skincare routine. The change in humidity, the dryness caused by central heating and the extra time we spend indoors all mean that our skin can get chapped and dehydrated. This means it's more important than ever to keep your skin moisturised.

    Here are our Winter Skincare Essentials:


    Our multi-tasking superstar, this lovely subtle moisturiser is brilliant for moisturising and calming dry or stressed skin. It not only hydrates, but also nourishes, softens and soothes.
    Formulated with the fabulous extract of Lupin seed coatings that have been found to boost your collagen production, which diminishes with age. It achieved a 85% clinical trial for sagging jaw line, and 92% for increased elasticity and firmness!


    Lips are one of the most noticeable victims of the cold weather. Formulated using beeswax it helps protect and hydrate your lips. Unlike a lot of other glosses, it’s not as sticky, so your hair won’t cling to your lips when it’s windy! It has the added bonus of a special protein ingredient that plumps lips naturally where they normally get cracks.


    One of our favourites, the Hand Nail and Cuticle Cream not only hydrates the skin, but also softens and nourishes cuticles and dry or brittle nails. It has a non-greasy, clean formula, leaving your hands protected and feeling smooth.
    Also formulated with a special essential oil blend that evens skin tone and reduces age spots.

  • Lip Plumper Balm


    Lips can become even more kissable with our one-stop lip solution. This lovely balm protects, plumps and adds subtle shine. Lips love beeswax – it helps hydrate and protect – so you can literally kiss dry lips goodbye.

    We’ve added protein peptides to plump out fine lines and plump up the volume!

    • Hydrates
    • Protects
    • Plumps
    • Moisturises
    • Softens
    • Adds subtle shine
    • Relieves

    Star ingredients: Beeswax balm, protein peptides, Vitamin E, Fruit Wax and Castor Oil

  • Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate!


    Our luxurious All-in-One Foaming Body Polish is a one-of-its-kind beauty treat. Skin softening almond and coconut derived cleansing agents in our unique foaming formula to cleanse skin, while a finely ground powder from the woody kernel of the fruit of the Moroccan Argan tree and powder obtained from the hull surrounding rice grains, are ideal to exfoliate, brighten and refine the skin texture. Skin feels beautifully smooth and glowing, with no bits of exfoliating residue left behind on your skin.

    • Cleanses
    • Softens and smoothes
    • Exfoliates
    • Invigorates
    • Revitalises
    • Brighten
    • Refines skin texture

    How to use: Apply liberally to wet skin and massage well to create the foam for a total invigorating, exfoliating experience. Rinse away thoroughly.

    Star ingredients: A mild blend of high performance Almond Sugar and Coconut derived cleansing agents and exceptional skin conditioners. For exfoliation we use Argania Spinosa a finely ground powder produced from the kernal of the fruit of the Argan tree and  also a finely ground hull surrounding the rice grains.

    FREE - FROM Sodium Laureth Sulphate and Parabens.

    Size: 175ml Tube

    Price: £22

    ...and for your face and neck ...


    Organic Rose and Rosehip Seed Oils make this effective-but-gentle exfoliant for the face a delight to use. Special soft wax beads in a creamy base of nourishing plant oils and extracts deep cleanse, soften, lift and remove dead skin cells, leaving skin smooth, glowing and super polished. No scrubbing, no redness, no irritation, just skin that’s soft as a baby’s bottom!

    • Exfoliates
    • Nourishes skin
    • Brightens
    • Evens Skin Tone
    • Helps reduce sun spots

    How to use: Apply to dry skin on your face and neck with fingertips, leave for 3 - 4 minutes for the Rose extracts to absorb, and dead cells to soften. Then very gently massage for about two minutes to loosen dirt and dead cells (no need to rub). Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

    Star ingredients: Rose extract, Rosehip Seed Oil, Organic Rose Oil, Allantoin, Rosewater, Grape Seed and Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Papaya and Lemon Extracts, Ground Rosehip Seeds, Botanical Wax Beads, and a special blend of bio active plant extracts which helps even out skin tone. £24.95